Adventurous Mountain Engagement Session

This is for my fellow adventurers:

I understand your thirst to explore, the ecstasy you feel when you finish the ascent of your hike and look out over the valley.

I understand the rush of adrenaline you feel when you conquer new heights, tackle a dangerous climb or discover a new place

I know that sense of awe that overwhelms you when you marvel at this beautiful planet

I know the exhaustion of hiking in extreme temperatures, battling elevation sickness and feeling like you won’t make it - and the subsequent pride when you succeed against all odds

To my fellow adventurer: let’s explore together. Are you a bride to be? Let’s do your engagement photos on a mountain top. Are you married? Let’s celebrate your anniversary with some kayaking and waterfall jumping.

Let’s go adventure

Working with Autumn and Jason a few weeks ago was a dream-come-true. I’ve been visiting Tennessee for years with friends and hadn’t yet done photos there. This year I was determined to do so. I am so glad that these two trusted me and that Jason knew of this spot. Though the hike was longer than expected, the balmy 90 weather was brutal, and we didn’t bring water, it was SO worth it. Poor Autumn wore heeled boots, so the hike (which was largely made of switchbacks) was rough. We made it to the top just as the sun was setting, capturing the most gorgeous part of the day. I really couldn’t get enough of the lighting up there!

Covered in sweat and bug bites, we hiked back down in the dark, using our phone flashlights to light the way. Thankfully, we made it back down safely, chugged water, and drove back to where we were staying.

Thanks for adventuring with me guys!