Ohio City Engagement Session | Jake + Paige

I met Jake & Paige in Ohio City last Tuesday for their engagement session. We explored the area, including some spots that are special to the area, and others that are meaningful to the two of them. From ice cream at Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, Great Lakes Brewery, and a gorgeous rooftop view of the city, to walking the streets of the area of town that Jake’s family once owned and lived in, this session was so special. Even Ripley, their beloved dog tagged along and made her way into a few shots! Jake even wrote up their love story for me to share with you guys! Enjoy!

We were introduced to each other our sophomore year at Ohio University by mutual friends. A year went by and I began a job at the Pub, our favorite bar. Paige became a regular and we started seeing each other around. Eventually we started getting invited to the same parties from mutual friends and had our own circle. A few years and a few more drinks go by and we both end up in Cleveland. I gave her a call the second I saw she was in Cleveland and invited her to go out to show her around. I show up to her new apartment after work, we have a great night and from then on she became my best friend. We didn’t go an hour without talking and hung out almost every day. Whether it was an impromptu road trip to Chicago or a Marvel movie marathon at Paige’s, we always had a great time together. It was like this for almost a year before I had enough courage (and tequila) to ask if we should give being more than friends a shot, and we never looked back. It was the morning after my birthday when I first knew I was going to marry this girl. Christmas rolls around and I can’t think of a better gift than a getaway for the both of us over her spring break, the perfect place to pop the question. Paige had an idea it was coming, kept asking questions to figure out little details. That evening, we took a walk on the beach at sunset and now here we are. Excited to start our new life together, wherever it may take us.