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Hey, I’m Alexandra

But, no one calls me that (sorry mom and dad)

My friends call me Allie, my best friends call me Al, and I’d love if you called me either :)

I am an Ohio-based wedding photographer, wife to Jordan, lover of Jesus, and owner of the sweetest kitty ever (her name is Steve - confusing, I know - there’s a good story behind it, I swear)


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I have devoted a lot of my life to learning how to love people better and more deeply.

Why? Well, honestly, because I have been saved and loved far more than I could ever deserve, and so I long to give that love back out to others. Weirdly, I am an introvert by nature, but I LOVE spending time with people - like give me a reason to get drinks/dinner/celebrate something and I AM SO THERE. I lovee grabbing coffee, drinks or food and enjoying good conversation with friends. It refreshes and reenergizes me so much! That’s why I try to hang with all of my couples as much as possible!

…So I also own WAY too many houseplants.

Watering them is seriously a chore, and Steve likes to eat them, but I promise I really do enjoy having them haha.

Another fun-fact - I am obsessed with true-crime. How obsessed you ask? - name a podcast, book, tv show or movie about true crime and it’s likely I’ve read/listened to/or seen it! I think it’s so fascinating!

OOH and, I fell in love with Zion and Yosemite this past year. Wide open spaces, gorgeous mountains, valleys and breath-taking views - like WOW. I am itching to explore more! Jordan and I have talked about trying to visit a National Park every year for our anniversary. This year we’re heading to Banff National Park!

Do you wanna be friends? Wanna make some photo-magic?

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