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Hey, I’m Allie!

(Alexandra Faith comes from my given name and middle name)

I have been blessed beyond belief - I get to do my dream job, I am married to the love of my life, and I am part of a wonderful community.

I love a good IPA, anything from Northstar Cafe, and coffee with almond milk.

Most days you’ll find me editing in my carefully curated office or at a coffee shop that has the same vibes (aesthetics are important to me, okay)


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I have devoted a lot of my life to learning how to love people better and more deeply.

Why? Well, honestly, because I have been saved and loved far more than I could ever deserve, and so I long to give that love back out to others. Weirdly, I am an introvert by nature, but I LOVE spending time with people - like give me a reason to get drinks/dinner/celebrate something and I AM SO THERE. I lovee grabbing coffee, drinks or food and enjoying good conversation with friends. It refreshes and reenergizes me so much! That’s why I try to hang with all of my couples as much as possible!

…joanna gaines is my spirit animal

I have always loved interior design and aesthetically pleasing places, and my apartment looks like something straight out of Magnolia Journal. I’ve seen every episode of Fixer Upper and I can’t work in places that don’t fit my vibe. Oh and my husband and I regularly laugh so much about how much our relationship is like Chip and Jo’s. Someday I will make it to Waco and visit every Magnolia business.

I’m definitely introverted by nature, but have learned to be extroverted and loveee people. I get major FOMO really easily. I’m definitely going to befriend your bridal party, your family and anyone who will talk to me at your wedding. I will also probably try to dance with the little kids and I’ll probably also enlist them to be my “helper” with the photos!

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